Pocket Relationship Guide

«BeWithMe is a tool for people in a relationship. Created by Psychologists. Inspired by Happy Couples. Powered by Technologies. 

Our Features:

Save on Couple Counselling

Imagine you know exactly how to make your partner happy. Reading each other's mind will soon become possible.

Relationship Calendar

Remember everything important and get reminders.

Date Recommendations

Venues, events, stay in the loop of all date ideas.

Personalized Gifts

Custom-tailored to the person you love. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here's everything you need to know about BeWithMe 

Sounds great, but what does this app really do?

The app provides date and gift recommendations, relationship calendar and smart reminders about important events, plus the relationship advice.

I've seen other similar apps. Why should I choose your application?

Here's what makes our app unique:  at the core of our product lies our proprietary algorithm, created on the intersection of technology (since it’s powered by Artificial Intelligence) and psychology (analyzing psychological types and looking for correlations).

How will my life change when I start using your app?

The app has the potential to change both your life and that of your partner, teaching you how to get closer, pay attention to details and find out how to make each other happy. Our app will make things easier, helping to organize a perfect date, find a custom gift and stay in the loop of everything important that’s going on in your relationship.


Lilit,27 y.o.

Caring about each other became much easier. It helps me and Sebastian choose perfect presents for each other, reminds about the important moments and events. But my favorite thing is that it picks exactly the events we would gladly attend together, sending reminders to buy tickets in advance.


Thomas, 25 y.o.

I know I used to be more romantic and caring, but being busy at work stopped being an excuse. Now I finally remember when she's taking an important test and quickly find out when her favorite band is coming to town. I just had to type info about her into BeWithMe, and voila. Magic!


Kate, 23 y.o.

We decided to try BeWithMe just for fun. And fun it is! Ellie admits that she likes being in the loop of what's going on in town. And the cute little reminders help us think of each other and stay in touch even on the busiest days at work!


Jerry, 38 y.o.

Recalling all the things Sarah liked made me smile and, surprisingly enough, some questions I had no answer to, after all these years of marriage! I'm only testing the features, but I already started paying more attention and it helped me understand how to make my wife smile again, just like in the old times!

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